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Back to the future, 2 years of cee!

Since it's establishment in 2014 cee has grown to one of the leading app publishers on the Windows platform. I use the birthday to talk about upcoming changes and new products - and there will be some interesting changes, trust me :) Changes to mobile Microsoft's change in priority for mobile is not only crucial for consumers but also for developers …
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Simple StatusBar on Windows 10 Mobile

The default StatusBar on Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile contains all types of icons. WLAN + Cellular Status, Bluetooth, Flight Mode and so on ... If you want to display the StatusBar when your app is opened but reduce the noise all the icons produce, you can use the following hack so it only displays the current time (on the right) …
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Hand cursor for buttons in UWP

The hand (or pointer) cursor is used wildly on websites today. The W3C recommends to use it for links and so all browsers include this behaviour in their default stylesheet. This is also true for Hyperlinks in a RichTextBlock in Windows apps. But what if you have buttons or other elements that link to pages in your app which do …
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