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Back to the future, 2 years of cee!

Since it's establishment in 2014 cee has grown to one of the leading app publishers on the Windows platform. I use the birthday to talk about upcoming changes and new products - and there will be some interesting changes, trust me :) Changes to mobile Microsoft's change in priority for mobile is not only crucial for consumers but also for developers …
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Preview: Poki for Windows

The least I can do is to share some screenshots of the current development status. I know Poki for Windows has been delayed and delayed, but soon I will have a lot more resources to finish it again. One promise: No release dates anymore if I can't manage to stick to them. Screenshots All screenshots are from the current development …
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What's next for Poki and my other apps

In early October I have started the rollout of the new Poki 2 for Windows Phone 8.1. This date also marked the discontinuation of Poki 1 for Windows Phone 8.0. As Poki 2 is rewritten from scratch in WinRT it will also be released for Windows 8.1. Sadly we have seen a lot of delays for the …
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