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Protocol-relative assets

When dealing with HTTP schemes (=protocols), you should always deliver your (external) assets within the same scheme is the document. On developing a shop for example, which uses HTTPS, all assets need to be delivered as HTTPS to prevent security errors. IE has a very strict behavior on this one: It's hard to keep track of all resources and their …
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HTTP Caching demystified, Part 2: Implementation

The first part of this tutorial - [HTTP Caching demystified, Part 1: Concepts](/2013/05/22/http-caching-demystified/) - was all about the concepts and possibilities that are enabled with HTTP caching. This part will discuss on how to implement the headers to get the most out of your page! How to prevent HTTP Caching There are a lot of ways …
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HTTP Caching demystified, Part 1: Concepts

Overview There are a lot of awesome ways to cache your output on the server, in order to deliver fast responses and reduce load. This includes optimizations like output caching, donut & donut hole caching, cache services like Redis & AppFabric, forward and reverse caches, CDNs and so on… If your server-side caching is up and ready, there's a …
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