Back to the future, 2 years of cee!

15 April 2016

cee company is 2 years old

Since it's establishment in 2014 cee has grown to one of the leading app publishers on the Windows platform.
I use the birthday to talk about upcoming changes and new products - and there will be some interesting changes, trust me :)

Changes to mobile

Microsoft's change in priority for mobile is not only crucial for consumers but also for developers who are focusing on the Universal Windows Platform.
As they missed to clearly communicate the issues with their mobile OS and the lock out of the majority of phones from the Windows 10 upgrade, it has become hard to build a vital business on top of the mobile platform.
However, things have become easier as the new platform enables you to target both desktop and mobile with one app - the same method which is used on the web nowadays.

I am telling you this because I plan to shift my focus from mobile to desktop/tablet. This doesn't mean that I won't develop any mobile apps anymore, but that I will put more time and energy into building great desktop apps, and less time into their mobile counterparts.

All about apps

Last year I have released Poki for Windows and the official app for WindowsUnited.

The desktop version of Poki has always been the little (and almost "abandoned") brother of Poki for mobile, but that is going to change as announced in the "Changes to mobile" section.

My second project was a new app for the german Windows blog WindowsUnited. We have built this app specifically for Windows Phone, but will reveal a new Universal version soon ;-)

I do have a few other apps in the pipeline too - and hey, I guess this time I won't cancel any of them before they even launch :)

Still Windows only?

Let's drop the bomb. At least one of my upcoming apps won't be Windows-only anymore and will be available for iOS, OS X and Android too. Now that's news on a Friday :)


I will let you know when my next project is ready for primetime.
In the meantime you can follow me (@artistandsocial) or my company cee (@ceeaustria) on twitter!

Thanks to all the fans of my apps (especially Poki) and your support by sharing your opinions and using & buying my products!

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