Happy birthday, cee

15 April 2015

Happy 1st birthday, cee

It's been exactly a year now since I've signed the document which registered my company cee officially. Quitting my previous job and doing this was the best decision I have every made.

In the last year I have fully focused on the .NET stack for app and web development, as well as modern frontend technologies for the web.


Poki is my first and solely product for Windows Phone and it was critically acclaimed by major news sites like CNET, Gizmodo and The Verge. The Windows version has been delayed for months now but will be released in a timely manner hopefully.

Reason is that I have created my first major web project in Umbraco the last months, which will be published the next days. It's a client project for a sports shop in Bavaria.

As this project got finished now I can move on, finish Poki for Windows and focus on my next projects.

2015 ...


The next major app by cee will be onepeek. It's already in development, however I don't know when I will finish it yet.

onepeek will be a commercial web application which gathers data for Windows (+ Phone) developers. It gives you insights on how your app ratings/reviews progress over time and how long it will approximately take to gather "the next star". This will be a major addition to the current analytics provided by the Windows dev center (which focuses on download statistics). onepeek will be available as an open-source project for self-hosting, but also as a ready-to-use service on our server.

Windows apps

As I've already said, I will finish Poki for Windows soon. After this very very long journey :-)

And Yes, I am not done with apps yet. My next app for Windows is already in development and will blow your mind - trust me.

I am pretty sure the next year will be awesome for cee. So follow me on twitter (@artistandsocial) and for sure my company cee (@ceeaustria)

And thanks to my mom for the awesome cake <3

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