Preview: Poki for Windows

09 March 2015

The least I can do is to share some screenshots of the current development status.
I know Poki for Windows has been delayed and delayed, but soon I will have a lot more resources to finish it again. One promise: No release dates anymore if I can't manage to stick to them.


All screenshots are from the current development version of Poki on my Surface Pro.


This is the new home screen. It includes a huge gallery of your favorites (looks delicious in my Pocket) and your beloved list (with vertical scrolling for sure). The list features tags and an image for each article - exclusively for the Windows version at first.

Poki for Windows - home screen


You can still find all of your tags on the home screen - available through the sidebar.

Poki for Windows - tags list


Achievements reside on the home screen too and are available with a single click.

Poki for Windows - achievements


For adding items a simple popup opens. You still get the share integration so you never ever have to use this dialog :)

Poki for Windows - add article


The settings are currently in a charm but this is subject to change, as they will disappear with Windows 10.

Poki for Windows - settings

Reading view

The reading view is also subject to change. It has a really rough state and I am not 100% happy with it (especially as it's on a single page). Best case would be if I could make the whole view an overlay of the home screen which you could simply close.

Poki for Windows - reading view

Reading customization

And again: rough state. I do like the sidebar, but the dialog is not "cool" enough yet.

Poki for Windows - reading view

What's next

That's the hard part. I am currently (as far as I can say "currently") working on the view states, therefore different layouts for different resolutions and pinned states. Pretty hard to get it right.

Missing functionality is: Article updates, multi-selection, search. They work technically, but cannot be (correctly) used in the interface right now.

I am also focusing on making this app "single paged". Control everything through a single page - the remaining "bad boy" here is the reading view.

I hope you can see that I am putting a lot of thoughts and attention to details on this port. I want it to be perfect. And I don't want you to like it, I want you to love Poki for Windows.

PS. follow Poki on twitter in case you aren't already!

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